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Red Boat Fish Sauce

Something’s Fishy
Raise your hand if you ever visited Phu Quoc Island.
What? No hands raised?
Ok, so it’s not a vacation hot-spot, but it is a Vietnamese island known for producing exceptional fish sauce, called “nuoc mam”. And it’s where Vietnamese ex-pat Cuong Pham went to recreate the taste he remembered from his childhood.
Fish sauce is a traditional Asian condiment made from fermented fish. 
Red Boat Fish Sauce is a super-premium fish sauce produced from only two ingredients: sustainably sourced wild caught black anchovies and sea salt. It’s well known among chefs as the gold standard of fish sauce. 
Red Boat Fish Sauce contains no:

• Gluten
• Additives
• Preservatives
• Flavor Enhancers
• Milk
• Eggs
• Shellfish
• Peanut or tree nuts
• Chametz
• Soy
• Mercury or lead

What you do get is a fresh, protein rich, versatile sauce which adds incredible, savory, umami flair to a variety of dishes. It’s a flavor enhancer, used similarly to soy sauce.
Traditionally, fish sauce is found in Southeast Asian cooking, such as dipping sauces like Thai nam prik or Vietnamese nuoc cham. 
But even if you’re not an Asian chef, you can find multiple uses for the sauce. If you only use a small amount, your family won’t taste anything fishy, but there will be a subtle depth of flavor. 
• Replace the salt in any non-meat recipe with a splash of fish sauce.
• Add a dash to vinaigrettes or other salad dressings.
• Toss a few drops on roasted veggies.
• Combine with rice.
• Enhance a hearty soup.
So come on in and give us a friendly “Đặt tôi trên chuyến bay tiếp theo đến Phú Quốc.” 
We’ll get you your fish sauce right away.

Red Boat Fish Sauce

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