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Weekly Shabbat Menu

NEW at The Spicy Peach Shabbat Shuk Express! This Friday May 17th Available 9am-3pm (2).jp
Shabbat Takeout
never tasted so good!

We've teamed up with
Israel Rosh from Kosher Kreations
and pulled from the archives of
Norm's Place
to bring you the best in
Shabbat Takeout.

Don't forget challot, dips
 herrings, baked good and treats!

Wishing y'all a Shabbat Shalom


Want Ali's Cookies or an Ali's Cookie Cake for Shabbat?

call Ali's Cookies at 770-971-8566

to place your order by noon on Thursday


pick up at The Spicy Peach on Friday

when ordering with Ali's Cookie you must specify if you want Dairy or Parve

Menu is updated each week and items are stocked on Friday
Our Shabbat take out is pre packaged and designed to be 
grab n go
If you would like us to reserve items for you
give us a call 404-334-7200 or 404-334-9882


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