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Additional Rosh Hashana Goodies!


Apple Lollies $2.39

Beehive Lollies $2.39

Tu Bee Honey Tubes $6.99

Honey Spoons Gift Box $9.99

Honey Comb Lollipops Gift Box $8.99

Honey Comb Spoons Gift Box $9.99

Israeli Mini Honey Jars $1.89

Oxygen Flavored Honey $5.99

Honey Acres Honey Sticks $.39

Honey Acres Honey Sticks Box $24.99

Honey Dipper $2.99

Beehive Honey Mini Pot $4.99

Honey Dipper Greeting Cards $3.99

Jelly Belly Gummy Fish $2.29

Double Honey Candies $4.49

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Wishing everyone a

Happy and Healthy New Year!