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Gusto Buono Ravioli

Gusto Buono, fresh cheese ravioli, gives you fresh gourmet pasta taste, without any of the work. 

In case you need to brush up on your Italian, ravioli is a pasta product made of two layers of dough, that form a pillow-like shape with a filling in the middle.

Gusto Buono was created to give the kosher consumer authentic, high quality, Italian food along with the highest quality in kosher standards. That’s why their products are:
• Pas Yisroel
• Cholov Yisroel
• Yoshon
• 100% Natural

Ravioli is a supper all in one. You can serve it with marinara, pesto, cheese sauce or truffle oil. Add a salad and you’re good to go.

Come on into The Spicy Peach and take a look in our refrigerator section for our Gusto Buono ravioli.


Gusto Buono come in the following flavors:
Ricotta -Mushroom
Mozzarella -Tomato 
Ricotta -Spinach 

Let us know how you made it your latest favorite supper hack. 

Gusto Buono Ravioli

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